What’s In A Clean And Service

We see a wide range of instruments that come in for repair. All receive a thorough clean and service – and sometimes that’s really all they came in for.

When we receive an instrument they’re tagged and logged first. We note any instructions that were sent in (we love it when we get notes about what’s wrong… hint, hint) and then start in on the cleaning. We’ve seen everything from instruments that look like they’ve hardly been used, to instruments that are quite literally caked in dirt, dust and casing grease. We test the electronics to see if they are working, check the battery (if it comes in with one), check continuity with the probe (if there is one), remove the cover plate, record and look up serial numbers and make any other initial observations.

We then begin removing and cleaning the tape/coax starting at the probe end (again, if there is one. Sometimes they are no longer one with the unit…) We clean the entire length of the tape/coax noting any minor damage like nicks that need covering, note any significant damage that needs replacement or repair, we spot check calibration of coax and lastly clean the reel once it’s empty of line.

We’ll put together a comprehensive quote with various options for repair or replacement – if that is what you prefer, or you can give us the ok to just do what we think needs doing. (You can always trust us to take the most cost-effective route.) We then tackle any minor preventative fixes or major repairs, put everything back together, box it up and get it out the door! Often we are able to do a same-day turn around – especially if we’ve got a note and/or can speak to you right away.

We’re also proud to say that we service and repair our competitors instruments – often we are able to repair what they wouldn’t, saving you the cost of a brand-new instrument.

A clean and service starts at $40.

Repair of ground water instrumentation

Repair Service

Tough as our instruments are, we know that the field can be a pretty tough place! We had an operator sheepishly tell us, upon delivery of a mangled instrument for repair, that his colleagues claimed he could break an anvil. It’s ok, we don’t judge. We just repair. Joanie is a whiz with all things water-level indicator and is rarely stumped or unable to repair what you break.  She coined the phrase ‘we make ’em, you break ’em, we fix ’em’ and that’s exactly what we do.

So when you find that you do have something that needs troubleshooting, replacement parts, fixing, cleaning, etc… pack it up in a box with some padding so that it doesn’t get more beat up, include your contact information and what the trouble appears to be, and anything else we might need to expedite the work and get it back to you. We’ll give it a look, get you a quote (both for repair and for replacement), get the work done and get it back to you ASAP. And if you’ve got a really great story for what happened, you can include that too!

*Note about the pictured damaged tape: this instrument came in with some unusual and seemingly unfixable damage. The great thing about our tapes is that they are extremely hardy, and damage like this is rare unless it’s been put into an equally, unusual situation! In this case we were able to remove the damaged section (thanks to the stainless steel conductors there was no stretch in the rest of the good tape), replace the length and probe, and had it out the door in no time, at a fraction of the price of a completely new unit.