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What’s In A Clean And Service

We see a wide range of instruments that come in for repair. All receive a thorough clean and service – and sometimes that’s really all they came in for. When we receive an instrument they’re tagged and logged first. We note any instructions that were sent in (we love it when we get notes about […]

Why Monitor Your Ground Water

Let’s start with a different question first… where does your tap water come from? (Hint: ‘the tap’ is not the answer we’re looking for.) Seriously though, do you know where your tap water is sourced from? Maybe you live in a city and you know you pay the municipality, but have you ever found out […]

Repair Service

Tough as our instruments are, we know that the field can be a pretty tough place! We had an operator sheepishly tell us, upon delivery of a mangled instrument for repair, that his colleagues claimed he could break an anvil. It’s ok, we don’t judge. We just repair. Joanie is a whiz with all things […]

Welcome to Our New Website

We are proud to announce the release of our newly redesigned website! First and foremost, a big thank you to Karen Burroughs at Bayside Web Design for her skill and expertise and for working with our budget. As you can see, we’ve upgraded the look and feel of our website considerably! Lots of new pictures […]