Parts & Accessories

Made in USA
reel in use
Sandra of King Water Company monitoring a local well

Carrying Bag .... $49.00
Soft, padded, durable bag (for small frame models only)

Battery .... $3.25
9 volt alkaline battery (for all models)

Replacement Coax Cable .... $0.65 per foot
Can be marked any length requested

Replacement Electronics .... $97.00
With 2 knobs and battery (for all models)

Cover Plate .... $13.00
For all models

Replacement Probe (coax) .... $69.00
Includes 4+ ft. of coax, splice kit, weight set, heat shrink, solder, and instructions

Replacement Probe (tape) .... $79.00
Includes 5+ ft. of tape, weight set, heat shrink, and 2 butt connectors

Splice Kit (coax) .... $5.00
Includes solder, heat shrink, and instructions (for coax only)

Weight set .... $7.80
Set of 2 stainless steel weights with tubing (for all models)

12ft. Steel Tape Measure .... $8.50
Engineering and standard scale combined

Reel assemblies:

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